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Why “pantalasa”?


One single continent, PANGEA; one single ocean, PANTHALASSA…

That’s how the Classics shaped our planet long time before our current intellect had even started to stretch itself.

One single Continent, made up of all the lands that we know today, Pangea, from Ancient Greek “entire earth” and one single Ocean, Panthalassa, meaning “all sea”, would surround it, majestic, silent, rather absent, calm, observing this creature, borned perhaps from their deepest same bowels, aware of what the future will bring…

Alfred Wegener’s theory of the “Continental drift”, postulated that all the continents may have been joined together in a supercontinent at one point in the past, before breaking up and drifting to the current locations, where we live now.

In view of this appealing historical past, we were attracted to the idea of going back to the Classics by calling “pantalasa” to our new project, in the hope that its evolution may become as much versatile, enchanting, varied and attractive, as the different pieces of land, where the human beings are united-separately living together.



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