Panama Sailing Charters -

Teresa Fusté & Jordi Bruix

November 2014

“Our vacations in San Blas with Judit and Ignacio is one of our travel highlights around the world. After a busy cancer meeting in Panama City we enjoyed a terrific sailing time in a well-maintained and charming sailboat. Their hospitality and friendship was key for such experience. Swimming, snorkelling in the coral reefs and wildlife watching during daytime was as pleasant as sipping rum while watching sunset in the evening. Food was based in local products (fresh fished lobster, octopus and local fish) served with side dishes superbly prepared despite the challenges posed by a small kitchenette. Ignacio is a great cook and Judit is a key collaborator to make everything flow smoothly and peacefully. As a whole, a highly recommended experience if willing to decompress and avoid stressful life. Will repeat for sure!”



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