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San Blas Trade Winds

Sailing charters San Blas

One of the greatest pleasures in San Blas is to sail during the trade winds season, when winds blow between 12 and 20 knots predominantly from the northeast and the temperature is warm and dry. This is also the time to enjoy sail racing among friend boats.

Sailing charters San Blas

The race takes place in the morning and the finish line is always a small island with a beautiful palmtree beach, where a friendly Kuna family, will delight us with a delicious lunch, based on fresh fish and coconut rice. In this case, the winner and most honored sailboat is not the one crossing the line first, but the lucky ‘catcher’ of the biggest tuna or barracuda, while trolling her way through. A mix of great sailing, fishing, eating & friendship… another happy day in San Blas!

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