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Natural healing arts in San Blas Islands

We anchored at one of our favorite islets in San Blas Islands, where we often go, both for its unequaled beauty and to visit the friendly Kuna family that lives there and takes care of the island. We disembark from our dinghy on the white sand beach, ready to spend a nice afternoon with them. This time, we learned about the “noni“, one of the few fruits that grows on the coralline tropical islands of San Blas, and has apparently a natural healing power.

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The noni fruit is unknown in many western countries, but has been used for hundreds of years in the traditional Kuna medicine and their herbal remedies are still used today. The Kuna drink the noni juice mainly to relieve pain, prevent body weakness, accelerate wound healing and toughen the immune defens system of the body. The noni juice has a “special taste”, kind of bitter and your palate will definitely appreciate if you mix it with another fruit or sugar. As if this island itself wasn’t magical enough to visit, in addition, offers us a free dose of natural health!

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