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Love sailing San Blas

There is a risk of getting used to beauty, when living and sailing in a place like San Blas. The dream islands, clouds, blues of the water, hundreds of them, water life, sunsets, brightest stars, everything that surrounds us is beautiful and keeps changing with a little shade of light. Some friends that have not visited us, wonder if we ever get bored of sailing San Blas, and so far, after seven years, I don’t think I could ever have enough of San Blas: how could I, when you sit on the deck and suddently a big spotted ray jumps out of the water a few meters from the sailboat, or you hear the dolphins breathing quietly at dawn, or watch the stunning performance of the pelicans gliding a few inches above the surface of the water or plunging like arrows into the purple sea at sunset!

snorkeling in san blas

Today, for instance, we went for a quick swim and snorkel at the Holandeses Cays. We like to sail to this group of islands in San Blas, because they are remote and extremely beautiful and the anchorages are well protected by the reef, and you fall asleep hearing the overwhelming sound of the waves, breaking at the coral reef, knowing you are safely anchored on the leeward side.

After a few minutes of jumping into the turquoise waters of San Blas we were swimming and snorkeling among tropical fish, spotted rays, underwater plants, corals and breathtaking natural wonders in all shapes and colors. This has become our natural “yard” and it really feels like home. I’m pretty sure I would never get bored of living and sailing in San Blas!

spotted ray san blas

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