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Living & Sailing San Blas

Sailing San Blas gives you the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, while learning about the culture of the Kuna indians that live in the islands. The authentic Kuna are very rooted in their traditions and have a deep respect for the land and the sea. They are their natural guards and take good care of their territory in the San Blas Islands.

An inhabited island in San Blas is the essence of a small territory. There may live one or two Kuna families, aware of their responsability of looking after their natural environment with the intention of preserving it. Therefore, the huts where they live are made of materials easily obtainable from their surroundings: reed and palm tree leaves make up the hut framework and roof.

kun hut in san blas

Every member of the Kuna family has its own hammock to rest, and it is, together with the hut, the few elements that modify the natural environment of the San Blas Islands. As a consequence, everything is reused, so a chair may only be possible, as a result of the the carving work of a skilled Kuna.

kuna art san blas

Living and sailing San Blas on a sailboat has many things in common with the attitude of the Kuna indians. The beautiful wild surroundings makes us aware of the need to preserve nature, as well of taking good care of both the boat and every single object we have on board, since there is no “corner store” where to go for a replacement, something most of us don’t realize when living in an urban community, where everything is within reach.  Sailing San Blas from time to time, would definitely give everyone a different perspective…

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